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Our Management

Kwai & Partners has created a full spectrum of standardized firm management mechanism, service quality evaluation and oversight system, and strict professional responsibility guidelines as per the internationally recognized law practice yardstick. Kwai & Partners is in pursuit of perfecting the professional services and ethics, and underpins such pursuit by giving full attention to the thorough delving into the legal cases and rules, the adequate apprehension of clients’ business development and the special emphasis on the lawyers’ commitments to the pro bono work.

Kwai & Partners has established a client liaison mechanism. Kwai & Partners reports to the clients regularly in terms of the case progress and existing risks and problems involved. Kwai & Partners keeps the clients informed of the whole process of the transactions to guarantee every legal step taken to fall into clients’ maximum interests.

While affording the high quality legal services to the clients externally, Kwai & Partners internally ensures each team player to enjoy full respect and care, and secures him/her opportunities and support for their career development. The synergy of all of the team players warrants that Kwai & Partners, as a whole, can permanently maintain the legal services at the top quality level.